design center

Step 1: Schedule an Appointment With Our Landscape/Hardscape Design Specialist & Dream Big!

This is how the process begins…we create a complete property landscape/hardscape design and plan to capture the collaborative ideas of you as the homeowner and our designer. This includes a thorough property inspection and evaluation along with a customer consultation that usually last about an hour. After the consultation, we get back to our design center to get to work for you! Within 3-7 days your design is complete and will be sent to you for your review. All designs will be presented as a CAD drawing with included 3D digital renderings, property lines, dimensions, and all the necessary information to propose and execute the installation of the project.

Step 2: Developing Budget, Scope of Work & Material Selection

After you receive your design, we have a conversation about either completing construction in a single or multiple phase approach. This is probably one of the toughest parts of the process because it’s so much fun to dream big, but the reality is that our dreams need to be aligned with the budget that we have to work with.

Once budget is established then we will put together a plan for our scope of work, timeline, payment schedule, submitting plans to your township for permit approval, and your grading and drainage plan.

Next is the fun part…material selection! What products have you been so excited to use and what is your personal style? Do you have an eye for a more modern look? If that’s the case, then maybe we use a large smooth slab paver with a charcoal brick inset border to accentuate all of the clean lines. Or maybe you’re more traditional and you prefer a three-piece slate top paver that resembles a natural stone look.

Whatever the case, we here at Couture Grounds have got you covered!

Please “click” on the direct links below to begin viewing the amazing product lines that we carry and let the inspiration begin!

Step 3: Final Installation

This is what we do…we live to create outdoor living spaces! From conception through creation, our design team will walk you this process step by step, not leaving any details behind.

Relationship, passion, and creativity are the three pillars that form the foundation of our business. We believe that to do the finest job, that only the best materials and installation practices are acceptable. That’s why we make every effort to provide you with the largest and most diverse selection in tree/plant material, landscape materials, and natural stone/hardscape materials.

With over 20 years experience serving the tri-state area, we are always looking for ways to enhance our portfolio, product lines, and diversity in styles and services to best serve our clientele. Our commitment and aim is to be your one stop outdoor living design/build company. We look forward to working together with you to design, build, and maintain an outdoor space as an extension of your home.